Thursday, August 21, 2008

3 - students

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General Knowledge Topics developed by 3- Students

GK-001 What is the Difference between Radio Button and Checkbox > CLICK ME

GK-002 What is the Phishing? If you want to save yourself from online banking, you should know this. PPT

GK-003 Octopus has three hearts. It has blue blood. And More... all about octopus. octopus has 3 hearts. octopus blood is blue PPT

GK-003 What is the morse code for "SOS"? It is not Technical. Every common man should know this. what is sos. how morse code works what is distress signal? VIDEO

TAMIL CINEMA SONGS/SCENES Developed by 3-students
Photos of Diya , Daughter of Surya and Jyothika. Revised with more photos. VIDEO
Photos of Diya , Daughter of Surya and Jyothika . This is old version VIDEO
Bharathi song : Nirpadhuve Nadapathuve EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN SUCH SONG, please listen for 1 minute. The potential of this song is very high. You will surely feel it.
Composed by: Ilayara * Singer: Harish Ragavendra
nirpadhu nadpathuve bharathi song VIDEO

BOLLYWOOD SONGS/PHOTOS Developed by 3-students
Childhood Photos of Aishwarya Rai childhood photos fo aishwarya rai VIDEO

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